Book cover with a T-rescue in progress.SEA KAYAK RESCUE

The Definitive Guide to Modern Reentry & Recovery Techniques
by Roger Schumann and Jan Shriner

“This book belongs in your rescue pack every bit as much as a PFD, first-aid kit, and paddlefloat.”

–Eugene Buchanan, Editor-in-Chief, Paddler magazine

SEA KAYAK RESCUE features comprehensive coverage of modern kayak rescue techniques. Step by step instructions with photos and real-life rescue stories cover over a dozen rescues with dozens of variations from basic T-rescues and paddlefloat self-rescues to more advanced techniques such as Eskimo bow rescues, reenter and roll, scramble, hand of God, scoop, etc. Chapters also cover sling use, towing, staying out of trouble, bracing, and rough-water tips.

Chapter 1: Preparation and Prevention

Common Hazards
Safety Guidelines, Safety Gear, Trip Planning, etc.

Chapter 2: Safety Gear in Depth

Rescue Gear
Signaling Devices: Flares, whistles, radios, etc.

Chapter 3: Bombproof your Braces

Low and High Brace Basics
Advanced Braces: Running low braces, Greenland sculling, hyperbraces and rolls
Tips and Drills for Bomb proofing your braces

Chapter 4: Rescue Practice Sessions

From wet exits to Rough-Water Practice Tips

Chapter 5: Best Basic Reentries

Paddlefloat and T Rescues
TX, Rafted T, Side by side, etc.
Advanced Variations: Fancy flips, etc.

Chapter 6: Expanding Your Repertoire

Scramble, Reenter and Roll, Bow Recoveries and variations
Kayak Rolls

Chapter 7: Rescues for Special Circumstances

Sling use, Scoop and Hand of God
Floatation Problems: Cleopatra’s needle and others
Techniques for Doubles, Loaded Kayaks and Sit on Tops
Tips for Surf, Rock Gardens and Rough Water

Chapter 8: Towing

Single and Team Towing Variations
Retrieval of Boats and Swimmers
Gear for Towing

Chapter 9: Old School Rescues and Inflatable Safety Devices

HI, All in Sponsons, sea seats and other inflatable devices


From the foreword by Chris Cunningham, editor Sea Kayaker magazine

“The wide array of rescue techniques that Roger and Jan present in this book are, in a sense, the ‘martial arts’ of sea kayaking. They are the skills that you need to cope with misadventure, and whether or not you ever need to use them, practicing them will similarly serve as a good reality check…. As it is in the martial arts, the point of the training is not to acquire these skills so you can put yourself in dangerous circumstances… [it is] as much about good judgment as it is about self-defense. Through the practice of the rescues and recoveries that Roger and Jan offer here, you will learn how you and your kayak can be more at ease in the marine environment.”

 Eugene Buchanan, Editor-in-Chief, Paddler magazine

“From braces to bow rescues, Schumann and Shriner detail everything you need to know about rescuing yourself when things go awry on the water. This book belongs in your rescue pack every bit as much as a PFD, first-aid kit, and paddlefloat.”

Tim Jackson, Editor, Canoe & Kayak

“Authors Schumann and Shriner have done a great job of communicating all aspects of sea kayaking safety and rescue techniques. The photos and text mesh well to give the reader a true understanding of what to do in each rescue scenario. It’s also organized efficiently so you can quickly and easily find specific information.”

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