Blue kayak running a rapid.River running is excellent cross training for sea kayakers seeking to improve their bracing, comfort and control in rough-water. And it’s a whole lot of fun. Designed specifically for sea kayakers, this accelerated 2-day course gives you the opportunity to get on the river without having to start from scratch with fitting foot pegs and beginning paddling strokes. We’ll take what you already know, fill in the gaps, and run (the river) with it! Learn moving-water skills, eddy turns, surfing, river reading, and safety. Learn how to play and run the river, instead of it running you, and watch your overall comfort and boating control improve in any water, fresh or sea! Held on Cache Creek.

Prerequisite: Surf Zone Skills (suggested: kayak surfing clinic, Eskimo roll training).
Price: $250*/2 days; $325/3 days (includes kayak, etc.; does not include camping fees of $10/person/night)

(*when prepaid by check or credit card; add $5/day when paid on day of class)