Photos from Students

Frank’s Fine Photos: Mendocino Sea Caves
Many thanks to Frank Lucian, veteran of most of our classes and now part-time instructor, for taking these photos and posting them on his web site.
Sarah’s Best Baja Pics
Muchas gracias to Sarah Richards of Iris Publishing for her beautiful pictures and prose chronicling our 7-day San Nicolas to Loreto journey in January 1999.

Roger’s Favorite Weather and Tide Links

Coastal Marine Forecast
Updated every three hours, this is essentially the same information you get from the NOAA Weather Radio broadcast. Gives the current and predicted wind strength and direction for selected locations (e.g. San Francisco Bay, Monterey Bay, and coastal areas) and buoys (see buoy map link below). Also includes info on sea conditions (i.e. height and direction of swelll and wind waves, water and air temperatures).
Buoy Map of Northern California
A very cool graphic that lets you see the location of the buoys on the Coastal Marine Forecast to get a better idea of which ones are closest to your planned paddling area. It also shows up-to-the-minute wind speed and direction at the buoys, as well as swell height, direction and period (number of second between swells).
Extended Forecast for Central and Northern California
NOAA’s best guess at “big picture” weather patterns for the area over the next 3 to 5 days,
Monterey Bay Wave Forecast Map
Color-coded maps showing predicted swell size, direction and period for our area. (This is the map we often bring to our surf classes.)
3-Day Coastal Wave Forecast Maps
Color-coded maps showing predicted swell size for our area, similar to above but covering a 3-day period.

River Flow Info

California Creekin’
A lot of information describing popular runs throughout the state, including details about class and difficulty, put ins, mile-by-mile descriptions, photos and more.
Dream Flows
Gives regularly updated flow info for just about any river you might want to run in the state, including standbys like the South Fork American and Cache Creek (when the darn gauge is working).

Environmental Organizations Working for Clean Water

Save Our Shores
A major player in getting the Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary established in the first place they now focus on number of programs to help protect it.
With strong local chapers in the Monterey Bay area, this national organization focuses on clean water and access issues.
Elkhorn Slough Foundation
This small organization has had a big impac on protecting Elkhorn Slough and its watershed by purchasing land around the slough and by working with local farmers to minimize agricultural runoff.