Used Kayaks & Paddles For Sale

It is time to refresh the fleet, so several kayaks need to find a good home.
See below for paddles and other gear.

 photo 1 Scorpiophoto 4 Valley photo 3 Looksha IV

P&H Scorpio 170  SOLD             Valley Avocet SOLD                     Necky Looksha IV

photo 2 Elaho Deso_3030 (3) - Copy



Necky Elaho  SOLD                    Current Designs Storm


KayakLogo Scorpio 170 by P&H (17 ft. x 22 in.)  SOLD 

Chile Surf (18) - Copy

The Scorpio is a sporty, performance-touring kayak with a good balance of both speed and playfulness, especially in more challenging seas. Sleek enough to cover the miles efficiently, yet stable and maneuverable enough for a motivated beginner to have something to grow into, and with enough volume to carry several day’s camping gear. P&H’s proprietary Corelite material is much stiffer and stronger than typical plastic, so resists oil-canning.

IncludesSkeg, front, rear and 2 day hatches (rear and front deck); performance thigh braces and seat back adjustment.

Size: Medium to Large: Good for paddlers in the 150-220 pound range.
Condition: Very good. 2nd season with relatively little use. Stored in shade.
Price: 875. OBO (was 1900. new) Some gear included, negotiable (paddle, skirt, pfd, pump and paddlefloat).




 Valley Avocet (16 ft. x 22 in.) SOLD 

Lost Coast 09 (3) - CopyThe Avocet is a playful, performance touring kayak, fun on flat or lumpy water. Sleek but stable enough for motivated beginners. Great for day trips on the bay or open coast, but with enough volume for overnighters (this photo taken on a 4-day Lost Coast expedition). Low back deck makes this one of the easier sea kayaks to roll.

Includes: Skeg, front, rear and day hatches

Size: Medium: Good for paddlers in the 120-200 pound range.
Condition: Decent shape. 4th season with moderate use. Stored in shade.
Price: 775. OBO (was 1900. new). Some gear included, negotiable (paddle, skirt, pfd, pump and paddlefloat).




 Necky Looksha IV (17 ft. x 23 in.)

A Baja 2 - CopyOldie but goody, the classic lines of the Looksha IV make it a great, all-around touring kayak. Reasonably sleek and stable this 17 footer was designed to cover the miles, yet its dual hard chines with excellent secondary stability make it comfortable on edge for carving turns. More of an SUV than a sports car, this moderate-volume kayak carries a big load for multi-day camping adventures (this photo taken on a week-long Baja trip).

photo 3 Looksha IV

Includes: Rudder, front and rear hatches

Size: Medium: Good for paddlers in the 120-200 pound range.
Condition: Decent. 6 seasons with only moderate use. Stored in a garage for 2 years with no use.
Price: $650. OBO. Some gear included, negotiable (paddle, skirt, pfd, pump and paddlefloat).


 Necky Elaho w/ Rudder (16’9″ x 23 in.)   SOLD 

IMG_1734 - CopyBasically the updated, somewhat sportier version of the Looksha IV above–a few inches shorter and a little more rocker for added playfulness–with improvements like a backband, flush deck hatches and a rear day hatch. A great all-around touring kayak, forgiving for beginners but with enough spunk to keep improving paddlers interested, and enough volume for multi-day adventures.

Includes: Rudder, front, rear and day hatches; performance backband

Size: Medium: Good for paddlers in the 120-200 pound range.
Condition: Decent. 5 seasons with only moderate use. Stored in shade.
Price: $675. OBO. Some gear included, negotiable (paddle, skirt, pfd, pump and paddlefloat).


 Current Designs Storm (17 ft. x 24 in.)

Deso_3030 (3) - CopyAlthough this boat has been around the block…and back, she still floats. Roger’s go-to expedition boat for many years, the blue Storm has plenty of volume to pack a good load for multi-day expeditions, but still has lots of rocker so it is relatively playful and fun to paddle after you unload your gear in camp. Quite stable and forgiving for beginners. It would make a good first boat for a larger paddler looking to get into the sport without spending a fortune or a great second kayak to have on hand to take out novice friends.

Baja Birthday 07 133b - Copy

Includes: Rudder is no longer attached (see top photo); front and rear hatches

Size: Large+: Good for paddlers in the 160-260 pound range.
Condition: Worn but still seaworthy. 10 seasons, about half with heavy use. Has spent the past several years stored in the shade with only a few days on the water each year.
Price: 450. OBO, some gear included, negotiable (paddle, skirt, pfd, pump and paddlefloat)


Used Gear For Sale

Werner Cypress, Full-Carbon Foam-Core Paddle SOLD 

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe ultra-lightweight Cypress foam-core paddle is Werner’s top of the line. The Cypress is a high-angle paddle with a medium-sized blade, making it their most popular foam-core paddle. Light as a feather and smooth as glass in the water, it sets the standard for performance and is just plain sweet to hold in your hands.

: Full carbon shaft and blades, a mere 23.5 oz.
210 cm, straight shaft, 2-piece with Werner’s famous fully-adjustable “Smart-View” ferrule, allows you to adjust the feather in 15-degree increments

Condition: Good, moderate use one season mostly for flat water classes, not used in the rocks.
Price: 255. (New was 400.)



Aquabound Splat: High-Performance Carbon/ABX Paddle

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Splat is a larger, wider, high-performance blade shape, designed for a high-angle paddle stroke. The lightweight but sturdy carbon shaft is coupled with carbon/ABX (plastic blend)  blades with excellent durability: they will scuff but won’t chip or break on rocks, making this an excellent choice for rock garden paddlers. It was Roger’s go-to rock garden paddle for many years before he joined Team Werner a couple years ago. This paddle was a spare and has only been used a couple times as a demo.

Specs: Hybrid construction: carbon shaft, carbon/ABX blades, 31.5 oz.
210 cm, straight shaft, 1-piece, unfeathered.

Condition: Like new.
Price: 125. (New was 185.)



Epic Relaxed Touring Paddle   SOLD 

The lightweight, carbon-blend Epic Relaxed Touring paddle features a longer, narrower surface area, designed by Olympian Greg Barton to facilitate a stroke that’s easier on the shoulders. Perfect for the cruising kayaker with a slightly less aggressive, low angle paddle stroke.

Specs: Hybrid construction: carbon fiber/fiberglass blend, 28.5 oz.
210 cm, straight shaft, 2-piece with two-position push-button ferrule, giving you the option to paddle 60-degrees feathered or unfeathered.

: Very good, barely used.
Price: 125. (New was 279.)